Why do I knit

I am re-posting this blog from 2008 with just minor changes.

This is my way of re-starting my blog.

I knit because

  • I am too impatient not to knit ( I forgot my knitting while waiting for a dr’s appt. recently, I was pacing the office)
  • I knit because I like the feel of fiber, I love wool even scratchy wool like Jamieson; soft gentle lace weight , fuzzy mohair; slick cotton; luxurious cashmere;
  • I love creating, I like to play with colors, textures
  • I like to do something no one else has done exactly like me before. I like to be unique
  • I love to wear a one-of-a-kind garment
  • I love self-striping yarn, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next, it’s better than a movie (I also like to knit at the movies)
  • I love gradient yarn, the colors are so much fun
  • I love the new gradient kit yarns, they are fun to play with.
  • I love to walk, knit and solve the world’s problems.
  • I love to knit while riding in the car, it keeps me from being too nervous on the freeway.
  • I love to follow a chart and see the pattern emerge.
  • I love that I am continuing my fiber tradition from my parents, my father, who needlepointed, and my mother the knitter and master crocheter. At the age of 94 she was still crocheting complicated patterns from charts.  I still have some of her creations in my shop.
  • I love to design but hate to write down the pattern. I keep changing it.
  • I love the way knitting can sooth and calm the mind.
  • I love the way knitting can challenge the mind.
  • I am irritable if I do not knit.
  • I love wearing hand-knit socks in the winter.
  • I love looking at my Kaffe Fasset sweaters (they really don’t fit me his 1 size fits does not fit all)
  • I am becoming fascinated by bead knitting, how it adds the perfect touch.
  • I am a process knitter, I just like to knit. The finished project is not always that important.

Why do you like to knit?


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